The Shore ‘Neath the Tide

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north of the border Album

I’ll sit down beside you, my story recite you
Bestow on you tidings of gladness and woe
Oh you may love me dearly but love me or fear me
You can aye be my friend or can aye be my foe.

But if you want to know me fair sights I will show ye
Of rolling green fields that sweep down to the shore
Some say they’re the finest, most wondrous, the kindest
A gift to this world, who could e’er ask for more.

So lift up your glasses you lads and you lasses
And let’s drink a health to our friends far and wide
And when we’re next near them to these shores we shall steer them
To where time moves as slow as the shore ‘neath the tide.

And down near the shoreline I’ll show you some friends of mine
Sitting there chatting and taking life slow
In time they will sing for you, laugh and buy drink for you
Retire to McGann’s when the sun’s setting low.


My fiddle I’ll bow for you, whistle I’ll blow for you
Dance to the squeezebox and be sure not to fall
If in time you grow weary, full of whiskey, I’ll steer ye
Down round the lane to thatched cottage so small.


With my music to cheer me, my friends who lie near me
I’m known o’er the world, for my beauty I’m famed
Though they don’t always hear me, may mock me, may fear me
To those who endear me Fair Erin I’m named.