Think Ahead

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My first thoughts of my homeland were of all its beauties shown me
Of the land where I would grow and of its long proud history
And at five years old I learned to read of Wallace, Bruce and their daring deeds
Of honest Highlanders and English greed and how the Romans were all chased away

But dreams of the past do not make men aware of what’s in store for them
And English deeds were not to blame for the state of this wide world today
And when I look around at my countrymen as they sing out their hearts does it really ease the pain
To loudly sing of how an English King was sent homeward to think once again.

For they are the blind and they the fools. Yes they are the sheep but who makes the rules
And sets nation against nation just to fight their deadly duels
Then sit back and reap the profits all the way
Yes and who are the mad, and who the sane
And who sell the wars that cause us all this pain
For divide us and they’ll rule us and to win their deadly game
Theft, rape and murder are the order of the day.

So the black children suffer under Botha’s white regime
People disappear in Chile just as if they’d never been
And the murdering continues just like some horrific dream
As it flashes past in news clips through the day
And the people are imprisoned just for voicing out their views
If they’re American communists or Soviet Jews
They’ll get beaten round the head just for thinking as they choose
And for daring to believe in what they say.

You may live on in your glories of past heroes and their zeal
Of your battles won on the fitba’ field
Just cling to your dreams and forget what’s real
And your troubles will all simply drift away
But if you care for those around you then you’ll show us what you feel
You’ll stand up for truth, you’ll reason out the lies from what is real
It’s the only way I know this world will get a better deal
So think ahead, let us hear what you’ve to say.