Trad Song Archive

Over the winter of 2019/20 I recorded around 60 traditional folk songs of Scottish, Irish, English, Cape Breton & American origin and I have now uploaded these to SoundCloud where they may be freely listened to via the link below. I have recorded few Traditional songs in the past and I recorded this collection in the hope that folk will continue to sing them and enjoy doing so as much as I have. I believe them to be a fair representation of the Scottish folk scene over the last 50 years and will be very pleased if folk find them and use them as a useful/helpful source.

I have attempted to keep my instrumental accompaniments simple and tasteful, with the main focus being the songs themselves and have used various solo and duet combinations of guitar, old timey 5 string banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, bouzouki and moothie. I have also provided background information on the songs and my sources on the SoundCloud pages.

Allan Johnston

Here is a list with links to some of the songs; (or scroll to the foot of this page to link to the full archive)

The Soor Milk Cairt

The Baron O’ Brackley

When First I Came To Caledonia

Scarborough Fair (Angie Goes To Scarborough)

The Brisk Young Lad

The web link to the complete archive is or simply click on the SOUNDCLOUD tag at top right below.