No longer needed

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north of the border Album
He stood on the doorstep
Kissed the wife and the children
Set off down the road
That he now knew so well
And with thoughts of his family
His mates and a few beers
And the shift at the pit due for changing.

He’s clocked in on time
Made his way to the coal face
Where danger’s ever present
But the man that they most fear
Is still on the surface
Attempting to purchase
The jobs of the men that be’s been slaving.

For he’s been told what to do
By his government masters
For we still need some coal
Though we’ve got Nuclear Fuel
Though we know it’s more costly
Though we know there’ll be losses
You’ll all be paid well when your leavin’

For I’ve an offer for you
All men over thirty
A nice fat lump payment
Think of what you could do
Just thank Margaret Thatcher
As you lie in your scratcher
For your efforts we’re no longer needin’

Yes we still need some coal
But a little will do us
For Longannet, Chapelcross
Torness as well
Hunterston needs its coal
But Polmaise will have to go
Nottingham still thinks that it’s needed

But the hatchet will fall
And when only the young men
Are left in the mine
It’ll be plain to see
For a smaller redundancy
Just like the rest they’ll be
Findin’ they’re no longer needed