Scientific Man

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Bill, a dog lover and regular in my local, the Harbour Inn, always advocates the scientific view of life and this tongue in cheek question and answer song asks whether that’s ever enough.

Do you ever help a neighbour when they tumble or they fall
Do you dip your hand in pocket when the door collectors call
Do you throw the dog a biscuit when he begs with pleading eye
When you watch the late night movie does it ever make you cry

He said I don’t believe in God, for I’m a scientific man
I have to understand the theory and the nature of the plan
Have to take a thing apart so I can study all its bits
Allocate each piece a number, remember how it fits


Oh but what about emotions, don’t they have their part to play
They can set your heart a pounding, change from day to day
They can take you to the doldrums, or a soaring in the clouds
They can have you weeping softly, have you laughing loud


I believe in evolution, not in saying a prayer at night
We find our own solutions, we make the best of life
I don’t believe in notions, of Hell’s fire or Heaven’s bliss
I believe in Darwin’s theory, there’s nothing after this


We don’t always have the details or the makeup of the plan
We can study we can question, get some answers where we can
If love should pull your heartstrings, try to fight it if you dare
Throw your science out the window, no use science there

(Chorus twice round)