The Siege Of Leith

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A community protest song I performed on BBC Scotland’s TV News three days after writing. Two days later the campaign was won. Leith Dock’s owners had announced intention to name a new liner terminal there “Edinburgh Harbour” causing local outrage. Against its wish Leith was made part of Edinburgh early last century and today’s Leithers remain proud of their separate identity and history. “Persevere” is the Leith motto.

 They don’t know us, they’re strangers here
They disrespect, what we hold dear
They’d put us down, try change our name
They ought to hang their heads in shame

Don’t they understand, don’t they have a clue
Of you and me, of me and you
For we love this place, we know this place
we live this place, we are this place

Mouths drip with greed, eyes tell their lies
Fools think we’re fools, to patronise
But we are strong, yes we are true
We are many, they are few

Our Kings our Queens, sea battles fought
All foreign trade, this ancient port
Its name is known, the world o’er
When under siege, its cannons roared


They stand alone, their eyes are closed
Their ears are deaf, while our anger grows
They put us down, they give us grief
We persevere in sunny Leith


(repeat last verse)