Can’t Remember Your Name

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I have always written the occasional song in the blues/jazz idiom and I included this song as I was keen to have Iain Baird demonstrate his jug blowing talent in the style of “The Old Felix Jug Band” which we both had fun playing in when we were boys.

There are tears on my pillow
I don’t know what to do
I’m a sad weeping willow
I’m so lost without you
Pictured faces and places
Start to all look the same
Tried so hard to recall it
Can’t remember your name

There were good there were bad times
There were happy and blue
There were calm there were mad times
There were false there were true
I remember the fever
I remember the pain
Tried so hard not to leave her
Can’t remember her name

There are times in the distance
First you’re there then you’re gone
Yes I catch fleeting glimpses
In the dusk and the dawn
Have I lost you forever
Are my dancing days done
Have I wasted life chances
Shall we dance a new dawn