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voicecall album cover
A song of love this song was inspired by a dream which was so vivid that it took me the best part of the following day to shake it off. The lyrics describe my all consuming sense of the actual physical presence of the person who came to me in my dream.

One night during winter as I lay in my bed
My thoughts on my truelove and where she once lay
I put my arms round her though I knew it was a dream
When I woke in the morning she lay beside me it seemed

Then I turned round to face her and I found she was gone
Though her warmth by my side in the bed lingered on
As I gathered my senses in the clear morning air
A falling leaf brushed my shoulder, I could have sworn she was there

With her breath in the meadow and her scent in the air
I can taste her sweet kisses feel the touch of her hair
The dew on the grassblades does gently caress
Like the kiss from her sweet lips as I lay down to rest

And as dusk’s ghostly shadows chase the last light of day
And the moon slowly drifts o’er the place where I lay
I can hear the leaves rustle, then wither and fall
I can hear her sweet music, I can hear her voicecall