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The Musicians on Voicecall

Aidan O’Rourke
From the island of Seil off Oban in the West Highlands, Aidan first stood out as one of the best Scottish fiddlers of his generation as a member of Tabache and Blazing Fiddles and is now a member of Lau. Best known for his flare and inventiveness with Lau and for his brilliant renderings of Scots and Irish tunes Aidan demonstrates here that he is also a very talented and imaginative song accompanist.

Leo McCann
From County Tyrone, Leo has lived in Scotland since the early nineties when he came here to study in Aberdeen.  He never went back and his reputation on the button box led to great acclaim and a busy gig schedule with a number of bands including Cornerhouse, Dibidil, Johnny Scoofer and Power Trout.  Leo’s first solo CD “If Anyone Can” was released in July 2000 and received rave reviews. Going on to play as a member of Malinky for a few years Leo has now gone back to a day job that allows more time with his family.

Martin McHugh
The McHughs have been at the hub of the Glasgow Irish music scene for many years and Martin’s father the late Jimmy McHugh (one time all-Ireland fiddle champion) will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  Martin has followed his father’s example by twice winning the all-Ireland Bodhran championship and is simply the best. The long running Monday night Glasgow Irish session in Starkey’s Bar, established by Jimmy McHugh, still runs led by Martin’s fiddle playing brother, Brendan.

Noel Rocks
Famous for his part in the now disbanded duo Amos & Rocks, Noel is an expert of the five string banjo and the claw hammer style which he puts to great use here on the protest Song For Tony Blair.

Iain Baird
Iain is a singer and guitarist from Ayr who also possesses the rare ability to play jug.  Allan and Iain played together in The Old Felix Jug Band from the late sixties until 1971 when Allan moved from Ayr to Edinburgh. The jug was used by the early blues bands as an affordable substitute for the more expensive double bass and Iain demonstrates its effectiveness expertly on Can’t Remember Your Name.

Michael Gill
Having switched from full time music to a day job when he moved to Edinburgh in the early nineties, Michael still finds time to enhance many an Edinburgh session with his fine skills on fiddle and viola. Here he plays viola on Knockin’ On Your Door.